A Beacon of Light
United Parish Choir
Vacation Bible School
Join us for a Pot Roast Dinner
Summer Solstice Parade
Living Nativity
  • Khloe Norcross Baptism
  • Valerie Sawyer Baptism
  • Water Immersion Baptisms
  • 2023 VBS To See more Photos look under the "Photos" tab
  • 2023 Ladies Picnic
  • Sunday School Recognition
  • Happy Easter!
  • Our Friend Jellybean the mule
  • Palm Sunday Parade
  • Youth Group Encounter Camp 2023
  • 2023 Scouts Sunday
  • 2022 Living Nativity
  • 2022 Ladies Fellowship Cookie Swap
  • 2022 Christmas Cantata The Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Ugly Sweater Sunday
  • Welcome to the Open House Tour Spirit of Christmas!
  • 2022 Holly Bazaar
  • Visit with Santa
  • Selling Basket Raffle Tickets
  • Selling yummy baked goods!
  • Making Gingerbread houses!
  • Selling tickets for the food basket!
  • Coloring Contest!
  • Getting ready for Christmas!
  • Linus Project by the United Parish Quilting Group
  • Fall Festival
  • Youth Group Apple Farm Visit
  • August 28th day of Baptisms
  • 2022 Ladies Luncheon on the Lake Country Western Theme
  • July 10th Service at Old Centre Church
  • 2022 Town Summer Solstice
  • 2022 Ladies Lunch Date at Emma's Restaurant
  • 2022 Memorial Day Celebration
  • Never forget
  • Our very talented Youth Band
  • 2022 United Parish Spring Cleaning
  • Work crew removing old light fixtures to be recycled, our fellowship hall now has updated lighting!
  • Macie Christening
  • Jack's Baptism
  • The United Parish Youth Band

Hello friends,

Thank you for visiting our webpage!

We will be streaming the Live Sunday Services here on our website so you can watch at home.

To locate the Sunday service video, click on the 'Sunday Services' tab on your screen and then proceed to click on the video links.

Thank you for joining us!

In-Person Worship and Sunday School Services

Dear United Parish Friends,

We feel extremely fortunate to be able to welcome our church families back to the United Parish for our Sunday Worship Services and Sunday School Programs.

For more information, please feel free to review the approved United Parish's Plan for both Sunday's Worship Service and Sunday School programs.   

Click Here to view our approved plan for Sunday Worship


Also you may refer to the CDC website for their updated recommendations on safe protocols and procedures during COVID-19. CDC Guidelines

Please call the office with any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you!