Jennie LeBlanc

Director of Youth Ministries

Jennie LeBlanc

Jennie has been a member of the United Parish for many years having growing up in the church. She lives in town, with her husband Adam, who just retired form the military and 3 children Alex, Rachel and Sophia, who are attending school in town. She comes from a large family of 11 siblings and enjoys being active and caring for others while teaching the word of God. She has been actively going to school to obtain her youth ministry degree.

Here at the United Parish she is the Chair Director for our Sunday School Programs and is the Director of our Youth Group Program. She loves being creative while coming up with new ideas to engage kids at Sunday School and youth group.

Come join us for Sunday School at 10am in our fellowship hall. We have a pre-school area for the little children. We have 3 classrooms for Elementary school aged kids, Middle school aged kids, and the Upper-room for grades 8-12. The online program called provide us with lesson plans from the Bible with activities and videos to learn from in a fun way. In the Upper-room class they continue to read and research thru the Bible and apply it to everyday life.

Youth Group is for grades 5 thru 12 with the occasional college/older past youth group member visiting. Youth Group meets every Sunday night from 5:30-8:30pm. Please see our home page to view our safety guidelines to attend our Youth Programs. Grades 5-7 starts with their lesson, then all grades have a game or activity and a snack and beverage (following all the safe protocols). Next is grades 8-12 lesson plan in which the leader teaches the group the lesson of their choosing from the bible, followed by praise and worship music. Then they pray for one another before leaving for the night.

Jennie is such a wonderful asset to our church. She makes learning about God so much fun and is a bit of a jokester as well, you will think the same.

Come visit us on Sunday's at 10am and our Youth Group program at 5:30pm and learn about our Lord and Savior in such a fun way!