Assistant Youth Group Leader

Kathryn Richtarcsik

Katye Richtarcsik grew up in Winchendon with her family and is the oldest of 5 siblings. She loves them all and babysits often for her mom. She went to school at Murdock High School where she received her diploma. She went on to College at Mount Ida in Newton and has a degree in working with children. She is very hard working, and performs many jobs in caregiving for our church and the community. Kayte is very adventurous. She went as far as jumping out of a airplane on her 18th birthday and is planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

She is very active in a lot of our Church functions. She is very involved in our Youth Group program, being one of our leaders and she loves to sing in our church choir when she has the time.

Please come and visit Katye in our Youth Group program grades 5-12 here at the church for 6pm and enjoy learning about God with her!


  August 2022  
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