Christian Education Department

United Parish

The United Parish Christian Education Department members are Kayte Richtarcsik, Valorie Miller, Jennie LeBlanc, Robert Duval, Jerry McKean and Cindy Carvill who work together with many volunteers to teach kids in our Sunday School classes and to the community about Jesus through Bible based stories.

The team teaches children ranging from Kindergarten to High School. 

For health and safety the kids are taught downstairs in our Fellowship Hall room where children can be separated. For more information please return to our home page and view our guideline plans for regathering.

For those who do not wish to meet in-person, we offer a Zoom link for an online remote Sunday School experience.

We hope you come and enjoy Sunday School and learn with us at 10am!

  October 2020  
This Week's Events
  • A Painting of the Church

    Our friend Deb Giordano painted and framed this beautiful caption of the United Parish.


  • Our Services on Local Cable TV

    If you missed our Sunday Service or just want to refresh youself !

    Our Sunday Service will be broadcast on Winchendon Public Access Cable TV Channel 8  Friday 7:40 AM! Thanks for watching!

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