James Lemmer

James Lemmer has taken over the job of Sexton, following in his Father's footsteps. His Father Bob has retired after many years  but  now as Sexton Emeritous is still keeping a close eye to assure that James is well trained on the cleaning, mowing and the many other chores necessary to keep a church clean, neat and safe.

  July 2020  
  • Job Opportunity

    Part time Employment Opportunity at the United Parish

    The United Parish of Winchendon is looking to hire a Part-time Sexton.

    This part-time salaried, year round position includes janitorial work, outdoor grounds care and light maintenance.

    A job description is available upon request. The position begins the second week in August. Position is posted until filled.

    Call the Church office at 978-297-0616 for details and an application.

  • Blessings

    Nursing Gowns made by the United Parish ladies, by the end of this week the ladies will have made 50 gowns! Thank you for answering the call!

  • United Parish Painting

    This is painting was done by a friend to the United Parish, Deb Giordano, of the United Parish. It is for sale, for more information please email the church.

  • Missions

    At the United Parish, our focus has been to reach out to minister and meet the needs of those around us.  Even though we are under a "stay at home advisory" in Massachusetts, our ministry to others has not stopped.  Our ministry to others has changed with the needs that have arisen.  

    The ladies of the United Parish have been summoned to sew over a 100 cotton surgical hats for Heywood Hospital's Intensive Care Unit and Emergency room.  Within 48 hours of the call, sixty-two hats were delivered on Monday, April 6th.  Another 40 hats will be dropped off on Wednesday.   Sewers have fervently prayed as they sewed each hat.   Many thanks to all the ladies that have volunteered to meet this need.  We couldn't have done this project without you!  Our ladies are the best!

    If you are an experienced sewer and want to help as needs arise, please call the church office and leave your name and contact information...  

  • Our Services on Local Cable TV

    If you missed our Sunday Service or just want to refresh youself !

    Our Sunday Service will be broadcast on Winchendon Public Access Cable TV Channel 8  Friday 7:40 AM! Thanks for watching!

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