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                     October 18, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The reason we come to Church on Sunday morning, as opposed to Sunday afternoon or Monday evening, is because it is the first day of the week. The first thing you do this week, before you do anything else, is come to Church. You begin your week with the Word of God, Prayer, and the Holy Communion. You give the first seventh, off the top, of your time to the Lord. He blesses that time. In that time, He forgives your sins, cleanses, and purifies you. He then sends you out into the world, into that week, as His in all your days, hours, and life.

Now, you have a Christian duty to support the Church, to give of your time, money, and abilities so that the Ministry would be conducted among us and that the Gospel would be preached beyond us. How much you are to give is not dictated in the New Testament, unless it is everything. But how you are to give is clear. It is sacrificial, generous, first fruits, and proportional. You are to give a percentage offering—not an amount, but a percentage. One guideline you might consider is to give $1 per week for each $1,000 of income you receive annually. (So if you make $20,000 a year, you would give $20 a week or $1,040 per year.)

This kind of Biblical, disciplined, first fruit giving takes the unease out of it. It creates cheerful givers because when they drop the offering in the plate, they are already committed. They decided beforehand what to give. They don’t think about it.

Please place your completed pledge card along with the time/talent card in the enclosed envelope. Return the envelope to the church on November 8th, Stewardship Sunday, for the dedication and blessing of your generous pledge of time, talent and treasure. If you are unable to join us on Stewardship Sunday please use the enclosed envelope to mail in your pledge and talent card prior to this service.


Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration to pledge a percentage of your treasures to support the programs and ministries of the united Parish.


Blessings to you and your family,

Your Stewardship Committee


                                The United Parish is in covenant relationship with the American Baptist

                                       Churches, the United Church of Christ & the United Methodist Church




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